As well as her practice as an artist Antonia runs a number of workshops and teaches photography and video to a number of different groups including young people, children on the autistic spectrum and service users.

Abstracted Self

Abstracted self is a workshop combining abstract imagery and self-portraiture. This workshop involves taking self-portraits in an on-site studio, then combining the printed portraits with abstract imagery made using milk marbling techniques and layering.

Hold on or Let Go

Explore themes of change, loss and transitions in this workshop. Creating photograms by exposing objects (your own and found objects) on to photographic paper and discussing what it takes to hold on or let go.

Virtual Reality Workshops

Working with artist Daniel Regan inviting participants to build upon their project Be Here, Now, which explores the soothing qualities that landscape can provide for us. In these workshops participants get the chance to experiment with virtual reality technology in relation to landscape.

In these workshops participants attend two sessions. The first session outdoors as part of a walk. During the walk we use a 360 degree camera to capture the land around us and discuss the impact that landscape has on us. In the second session we edit the virtual reality footage and looking at how VR technology can transport us to another place.

Inner Self
In this workshop combining studio photography, instant printing and making around questions of who we are and how we see ourselves.

In this workshop participants have the opportunity to take their own portrait (with support) and then respond to how they see themselves, combining materials and words to explore notions of identity, presentation and self portraiture.

Made by Cina Aissa